1. PC or tablet is not acceptable only mobile phone. Team or players will be disqualified if found to be using devices.

2. No triggers and emulators or any other add on devices are strictly prohibited. Team or players will be disqualified if found to be using additional devices.

3. Match number and password will be given 15 minutes before the start time of the match and everyone must enter the room at least 15 minutes before the specified time of the match and be active in the room chat, to get urgent announcement.

4. Prizes are distributed according to the results within 30 minutes after the end of the match, fill the match entry form correctly, enter the wallet number correctly. Otherwise the authorities are not responsible.

5. If for any reason you fail to join the room, no refund will be given due to your problem.

6. You will be given a slot number after registration. You have to sit in the slot number of the games room according to the slot number. You cannot sit in another seat, otherwise you will be thrown out of the room. If you see your slot is filled then message us with instant screenshots on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

7. The match room ID and password of the match cannot be given to anyone else unless he has registered for that match.

8. No type of hack can be used. If used, he will be disqualified. And if a player is killed by a hacker, his money will be refunded or he will be reinstated in another match or the match will be held again, except for the hacker player. Will be done and no money will be refunded. A special gift for him is 1000 reports will be given in his games ID.

9. It is forbidden to form an alliance with the opponent in the match. That is, you can’t team up with anime.

10. If the match is canceled for any reason, everyone will get their money back.

11. No incorrect information can be given at the time of registration and the authority is not responsible for such problems.

12. If you go beyond the mentioned rules, you will not be allowed to participate in the match and your money is not refundable.