If you’d like to collaborate with us, advertise Esports-tournament, receive some support from us and wanting to be an Agent, you are at the right place. Please fill out the form below to enter in contact with the Marketing and Partnerships Team at Esports-tournament. If you want to be an agent, answer YES to the following conditions.

Please take the time to indicate everything that is relevant for us to know.

You are buying agent license only for your own country. If you can afford it, you can take it as rigion. With an agent license, you will basically manage the site activities of all users in your area.


    1.Must have E-mail

    2.Must have Visa or Mastercard (International)

    3.Must have SKRILL International mobile banking

    4.Must have own country best mobile banking (Minimum 2)

    5.Must Invest us Some money for buying Agent. You can sell it at any time. This money only for office secuirity. When you sell your agent license to us, we return your money very soon.

    Please Select any one......